African Night [University Edition]

African Night was a great addition to my 1st year as a University student. I got the chance to perform, give a speech with Mr. Africa, and Model. And I went to the After party after that. All events were hosted through my University’s African Student Association (ASA).

My makeup for this night was done by Rosemary Olatunbosun check her out on instagram: @rolat07

Professional Photos taken by Ageyi Photography check out their instagram: @ageyi_photography 

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Giving a speech with Mr.Africa





Strutting my stuff on stage and the full traditional clothing called “Ankara”.






After party shenanigans with my WOES. Black female wolf pack #BFWP


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I’m glad I took a break from school and let myself have this experience. It was a great one!

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Mr & Miss Africa Pageant [College Edition]

It was such an honor and privilege winning the title as Miss Africa 2015 for my University’s African Student Association (ASA) Mr & Miss Africa Pageant. It included, an intro dance, a personal intro speech, discussion session with some challenging questions to answer and problems to solve, a talent segment, in addition to an interview portion.

Photo credit to Kelechi Uchegbu for the professional photos – Instagram: @_kay.u

My makeup for this night was done by Rosemary Olatunbosun – Instagram: @rolat07


(Photos with side labels)

Miss Africa Pageant Esther 12

Opening Dance by Competitors


Esther 11 Esther 9

Being crowned by the 2014 Miss Africa           Next to the real queen, my twin, my mommy


Esther 4

Smiling with the King A.K.A. Mr.Africa 2015


Esther 3 Esther 2

Solo Miss Africa Pictures


Just a personal photo



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Update: I’m Rich

Happy May!



I’ve had some major developments in my life.
1. My Freshman year of college is coming to an end!!
2. Winning the Mr and Miss Africa Peagent at my University!!
3. Africa Night Modeling & Acting
**Pictures and info coming soon

4. My book of this month is Overcoming Rejection will make you rich by Larry DiAngi
I’m relatively into the book and enjoying it. It’s been kicking me in the butt!
**Expect a review by the end of this month.

I leave you with these two things I’ve learned:
1. Make plans and do everything you can to achieve it. If it doesn’t happen, at least you’ve done something.
2. Keep it simple.