Week 8&9 Italy and France

We had two weeks of Vacances (holiday/school break) so my mom came to visit me for the first week and then I went on a tour of France with my school program here for the second week. So, I’ve posted my adventures with my mom and my tour of France, I hope you enjoy (:

We started the week off in Paris and visited the Eiffel Tower. So Beautifully lit up, it was perfect.


Then we found ourselves in Rome, Italy. Just kidding, this was carefully planned out by myself and my very helpful host dad who assisted me in picking a great location to stay in Paris and Italy. This is me and my mom at Mussolini’s Palace in Rome.

Spent some time at the roman ruins and went to the Roman Colosseum.

My mom and I inside the Colosseum.


We spent most of the next day in Vatican City, at the Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Hercules at the Vatican Museum


Entering the Sistine Chapel, no pictures were allowed inside. Sorry ):


This is the year of Jubilee which is every 25 years, so we entered the door in this year of Jubilee.



At St. Peter’s Basilica with my Mom

At the Vatican Post office, Vatican City is essentially it’s own country, so it has it’s own postage system and currency. That 50 cent Vatican euro coin is worth 25 European euro’s.

The Spanish Steps, Chanel, and Ice-cream at Piazza Spagna in Rome, Italy



To end our almost one week together, my mom met my host parents and we had a delicious dinner together that ended with my host mom’s home made
Tiramisu, it was Amazing.


We visited Mont St. Michel and the Chambord Castle, very beautiful. We climbed to the Abby at the very top of Mont St. Michel (on the left).


Visited the Palace of Versailles and entered into King’s Room; Louis XIV’s actual room (bottom right).


We rode on this Mechanical Elephant in the city of Nantes. It actually sprayed water from it’s trunk! This was at Les Machines de L’île (Machines of the Isle)


Went to the Louvre Museum in Paris (in Paris again) and saw the real…


Mona Lisa.

God is good.


How to have Confidence and Power with People

How to have Confidence and Power with People. Remember your cup of tea

I promised myself I would finish this tonight, so many obstacles and unexpected difficulties, but I’m done and It’s all a learning process.

How to Overcome the Fear of People

Overcoming the fear of people, Step 1: Remove toxic people from your life 🚷 Watch this video to find more ways to overcome the fear of people and rejection. Come with a cup of tea, I share my experience, so it gets real.

Curl Centric Curly Kids Coloring Book Review

Coloring Book that shows beauty in a different shade and style.

Holy and Chic Mama

Curly KidsWhen I found out I was pregnant with a girl, I knew that there were 3 important things I would need to get her to love in order to make it in this world – Her hair, the skin she’s in, and a deep love for Jesus. I also knew that out of all of those things, her hair would probably be the topic that would give me the biggest challenge. I mean, how do you get your daughter to love the very thing that many people, including her own people, put down?

Johanna's MamaEveryday many choose to straighten their hair, not just to enjoy a temporary hairstyle, but because they truly believe that curls and kinks are negative things and they want no parts of them. The media has constantly pushed onto us that straight, flowing hair is what is acceptable and beautiful. Those are the very messages that I…

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The Magic of Thinking Big

Warning! The following list of common human misfortunes are NOT happy-making.

Negativity, Not feeling good enough, Arguments, and Feeling defeated.

I’ve been convicted by this book and I can’t lie. The Magic of Thinking Big by David Shwartz talked to my feeling of inferiority, the negativity in and surrounding me, my argumentative spirit, and my feeling of defeat. If you’re human, you have most likely experienced at least one of these not-happy-making issues.

So my biggest desire is now personal growth. I want to do everything within my power to be the best me I can be. Going into 2015 there are a couple of things I desire to let go of; bitterness, unforgiveness towards others, and getting out of my comfort zone and just going for it.

But, I struggle with change. Change is hard for me, because it requires letting go of what others say about me, letting go of always wanting to be right, and really truly coming into my own person.

The two major points in this book that have helped me walk into 2015 with my head lifted and thinking BIG are:

  1. Put other people into proper perspective. The other person is just another human being, so why be afraid of him?
  2. Quarrels, arguments, feuds, and fusses will never help you get where you want to go.

Constantly reminding myself that this is just another person like myself with fears, worries, and issues. They probably are thinking about their own problems and are less concerned with what I’m doing, so I just need to stand up and do my own thing, say what I have to say and be unapologetic in the process. They’re human as well, and I have nothing to fear!

Secondly, I mentioned letting go of being right as a difficult change to make. What’s important in this is honestly asking myself, “Is what I’m irritable and frustrated about really worth it, is it worth frowning and being so stressed out about?”  It really isn’t worth it. So just listen and let the other person win the argument, don’t push it forward by making smart and witty remarks. It’s not worth it!

What are your you tips for overcoming negative attitudes, arguments, and overcoming the feelings of inferiority and defeat? Please share and follow!

Citation: Schwartz, D. (1987). The magic of thinking big. New York: Simon & Schuster.