Teaching in the schools and seeing the differnces between how things are taught

I helped to teach a relay race game to the students in English, trying not to speak French. This was challenging, because they think they don’t understand English, but they actually did very well understanding me and my gestures.

20160128_231659With the program we went to the Lazer tag place and that was really fun. We played two games of Lazer tag and it was pretty intense. My name was Viper in the game. It’s called and spelled “Laser Game” in Montpellier.

I also visited Jadin des plantes (Garden of Plants) which was really nice and calming. Gave me time to think, relax and meditate. The big tree has notes in in that people wrote and placed inside the holes inside of it, that was really cool. I tried to read some of the notes in French…

This is me walking through the paths at Jardin des Plantes–The sun is shining on me on my path (that’s deep).

This kitten came to visit me. Super cute.

My visit to Musee Fabre (Museum Fabre) was great! And there were 4 floors to the museum! There was a new African Exposition which was great, there was a lot of security everywhere at every corner of the museum and in the African Museum, they said that taking pictures was “Interdit” (prohibited)–This is to protect the Art.

There was a children’s book display at the museum too! And they’re all culturally relevant books, so of course I took picturesssssss (:


Went to the zoo and Jarden de plante and parc zoologique de montpellier A.K.A, the zoo with my friend Hannah.


My Mood looking at the snake…

Fabulous pictures of Us


On top of the Rhino


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