Because this is a Study Abroad experience, I take courses here related to my major and have an internship/volunteer experience related to my major.

My study abroad program is called the Teaching Practicum in France; therefore I will be teaching French Elementary school students English

On the left is my french book, because I also have to take a French course as well as other courses related to my my major (Elementary Education).

On the right are pictures that I took of the work my students were doing. I’m in a third grade class, which I’m happy about because I want to teach third grade. I’ve noticed that French students have much better handwriting!! Cursive handwriting is taught to all the students throughout their schooling K-12; do I even remember how to write in cursive? Moving on.

This is definitely a busy time being in the classroom for 2-3 hours a day Mon-Thurs, plus taking classes, but I’ve actually been enjoying what I’ve been learning.


I got better from suffering from a sore throat during the second week. My host parents gave me this heat pad that was filled with hot water and wrapped around cloth.  It’s called a “bouteille”. I was to put in on my feet when I was sleeping, which I did, it felt so gooood! I felt like a baby! So warm and my fatigue and sickness went down.

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These past two weeks have consisted of A-LOT of food, and I’ve found my favorite French cheese called “Camembert” made from “Lait de vache” (cow milk) .

My host mom is ethnically Italian, so I had “Le café Italien” (Italian Coffee). Though I don’t life Coffee it wasn’t too bad (very rich), and I didn’t even put sugar or milk in it. The second picture is the first meal I made for myself here; spaghetti, peas, and chicken.

I went to the city of Palavas with my host family and chilled at the Mediterranean Sea. So Beautiful!

More food!!! I went to an Asian restaurant in Montpellier with my friend Hannah, and I tried “Canard” (Duck)!! It tasted good, not an usual taste at all.


Lastly, at the end of the third week. I finally got a chance to go shopping. I spent a portion of my Saturday enjoying the “soldes” (sales) in Montpellier, France. I leaned that these sales only come twice a year all over France, this is the first season for the sales and there are literally items that are 70% off. It was great!



2 thoughts on “Week 2&3 in France

  1. This all looks like so much fun! I miss seeing you so often in person! And, of course, I miss our awesome and introspective conversations. I hope you’re having a blast! Bring me a souvenir if you can!

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