It was such an honor and privilege winning the title as Miss Africa 2015 for my University’s African Student Association (ASA) Mr & Miss Africa Pageant. It included, an intro dance, a personal intro speech, discussion session with some challenging questions to answer and problems to solve, a talent segment, in addition to an interview portion.

Photo credit to Kelechi Uchegbu for the professional photos – Instagram: @_kay.u

My makeup for this night was done by Rosemary Olatunbosun – Instagram: @rolat07


(Photos with side labels)

Miss Africa Pageant Esther 12

Opening Dance by Competitors


Esther 11 Esther 9

Being crowned by the 2014 Miss Africa           Next to the real queen, my twin, my mommy


Esther 4

Smiling with the King A.K.A. Mr.Africa 2015


Esther 3 Esther 2

Solo Miss Africa Pictures


Just a personal photo



Check out and like more pictures on my Instagram. African Night pictures coming soon!


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